Trask and Graham Hereford Bloodlines

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May 5, 2010
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Been looking for a Hereford bull to put on my SimAngus, and Angus cows. And I was wondering if anybody knows the good and bad about the Trask Palo Dominos and Graham line of Herefords. I went to Hill-Vue farm and was impressed. Super nice folks and good looking cattle. The sale is on 10/28. Any and all info would be greatly appreciated thanks.
It's Plato, not Palo. The Trask animals are very good, easy doing grass animals, the type that will make you money because of the low inputs required rather than the off the charts performance. Some can have really poor eye set, so spend some time looking for a bull with a hooded eye.

Don't know the graham cattle at all.
Thanks for the reply Knersie. And that was a great piece you wrote in 07 about hooded eye set, wish the pictures were still there though. Been reading about Herefords a lot. Hopefully I will pick a good one.
I am wanting a good size Hereford bull. The sire of the young bulls I am looking at is a monster. 2570 lbs. But he's 7 years old. I sure hope I pick a good one. I don't want to AI a commercial herd of cows, but if this bull doesn't pan out we will have to start.

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