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Aug 15, 2006
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Seems as tho this debacal is finially dead!! I hope so!
If you remember this was Gov Perrys pet project,a tollroad from Mexico to Oklahoma--Never mind the farms and ranches in the way. According to Perry he had emmanant domane.(sp) Many farms and ranches were destroyed.
It's too much to hope the existing roads will be torn down and the land restored..
Please read up on this project,it may be coming to a State near you!
I'm afraid this is yet another (P)rick Perry trick of some kind. Last time we thought we had won, all they did was change the name of the project, and it was business as usual. Of course, he may be really giving up this time, with Kay Baby Hutchinson closing in on him. :lol2:

It boggles my weak little mind how they were able to keep that thing so secret for so long, and how they kept it alive for years even when opposed by (probably) 99% of the people.

We'll see............
They're saying on the news that they made a "mistake".. Ya THINK!!! Selling Texas to Spain!
Yesterday, the Farm Bureau made a statement. Basically, they also think it's some kind of a trick, like the name change. The jerk from TxDOT was very apologetic for the "arrrogance" of the agency. Said they did not do a good job of communicating with the public, or selling the project. Now, that's an understatement if I ever heard one. When the public found out about the plan and the sale of Texas to Spain, the ship hit the sand. The legislature held investigative hearings on the project. About all they got was a bunch of lying under oath by department officials, and accomplished nothing. Many of the top dogs in TxDOT started bailing out. I suppose early retirement looked better to them than prison time.

It'll be real interesting to see how much this announcement will boost Perry's campaign, and what's gonna happen next.
Gonna be an interesting election----------As in that Chineese curse "May you live in interesting times.." :frowns:
Off topic slightly--- Seems Gov Perry wouldn't read evidence,or let a panel continue,so an innocent man was put to death.. He was convicted of arson that killed his 2 daughters.. Now there is evidence that was on the table of the panel that Perry disbanded that would have freed him.. I'm not saying this right,hope you can cypher it out.... :frowns:
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