tranquilizer gun

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Oct 22, 2005
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hey guys i was wondering if there is such a thing.I need to try an tame a wild fanatical steer. That needs top be corraled but cant be. Any help would be appreciate.
Ask at your local stockyard who does catch work.
I might know of some out that way- what part of Neb are you in?
You can buy them, my dad has one although never uses it! He had trouble getting the darts to stick, they would bounce off, and then he would lose the darts. But a cowboy in the area uses one all the time, on horse-back, and swears by it. He keeps busy going around helping people catch stuff that cannot be corralled. He told my dad something about he was using too strong of a charge and that is why the darts weren't sticking. We thought they would be good way to treat an individual rather than go in and gather the herd.
If you hapopen to have a 50 cal muzzle loader you can use the darts with that instead of buying the gun.

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