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Feb 14, 2004
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Central Texas
I'm in the market for a new trailer, and wanted to get some feedback from y'all!

Pros and cons - steer versus aluminum. Primarily, do you think aluminum is worth the extra $$? What are your favorite brands? I've got a 2002 Travalong 32' steel trailer that's been a good one, but I want a smaller (16 - 18') one also..primarily for showing, and hauling a few calves.

Thanks for the input!
we bought a Gooseneck brand 20' open top aluminum trailer about a year and a half ago & absolutely LOVE it! it's so much lighter & pulls like a charm. it has a little cable running along the neck that drops the pin w/just a little tug so no more hanging over the side of the truck or climbing in the back to drop the pin (this may be common in all the new trailers but it wasn't an option on our last one :lol:)
Steel Rusts, Aluminum Corrodes from road salts.
Steel is heavy, so less critters hauled to be legal weight and takes more fuel to pull.
Aluminum needs hinges WD-40'd often or they seize up.

We've had both. Now have a 4-Star Aluminum and love everything about it except the little door "hold open" latch. It works up and slams the door shut if we try to haul critters in the whole trailer (which we usually do) so have tied it open. The 4-Stars have closer spacings in the frame and have welds instead of rivets. Oh, and if you do a search for 4-Star Trailers you can get some :oops: sites pop up.
My thoughts were when we were looking, is that i can weld steel, can't (yet) weld aluminum. Not that, that is a issue, just one more piece of the puzzle.

We have three Exiss 24 x 7 aluminum stock trailers (they also make 20 ft) and love them! They pull great. We use them to ferry cattle to and from our pots and pull them over some very rough terrain. They are 2 and 3 years old and we have not had a problem with any of them. Also all of the hinges are greasable (a little more but well worth it. As far as steel versus aluminum there is no question to us, in big or small trailers we prefer aluminum. But the main thing is to go with a trailer that will fit your operation and you will be happy.
We have a 2001 16 ft steel gooseneck brand trailer with the rubber floor boards and just love it. Liked the aluminum, but just couldn't rationalize the added cost for our operation at the time.
Bought a 24' steel gooseneck a few years back. Opted for steel because aluminum was so pricey. Darn thing is rusting like crazy. Yeah I know, constant cleaning and all that good stuff. Truth is cattle are gonna make a mess beyong your wildest imagination. Horses will just drop it where they stand. After a trip to the salebarn it's hard to find an area anywhere on the trailer that DOESN'T have a nice runny manure/urine cocktail slime on it.
Aluminum is obviously lighter weight and more rust-resistant than steel. On the flip your sales, other income justify paying double or even triple price for aluminum vs. steel? Of course, aluminum has more "status" on the road and at the barns, shows, etc.

We use steel trailers...gets livestock (horses and cattle) to and from just the same...put the money we "saved" in more and better livestock, etc.

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