Tragedy in our Country

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Aug 24, 2005
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Saskatchewan, Canada
We had a terrible tragedy out here on Saturday. Brother and sister were out fencing (28 and 25). Saturday was a gorgeous if rather warm day. No real clouds in the sky. Lightning hit them, or the fence they were working on, killed him, and she is in a Regina hospital. I haven't heard how serious she is.

DH, says he only saw 1 lightning bolt all afternoon, and figures that must have been the one. There were no thunder clouds to speak of. Around 4-5 in the afternoon. The sister called home on her cell phone and all she could do was scream into it. Dad called a neighbour to the pasture and he is the one that found them.

It is a terrible loss of a very nice young man and will be felt around our community. Hopefully his sister will recover well, with out too many handicaps......

Lightning is a wonderful thing to see, but too often we forget what it can do. Pretty scary in this country where fences can go for miles, and they often hook into other fences that also go for miles.....
What a terrible accident.

Lightening is freaky. One day the sun was shining, the sky was blue, but I saw one lightening bolt. As it turned out that one bolt hit a co-workers house. No one was home, but it fried their electrical wiring, damaged six TVs (who has six TVs?), dishwasher, washer and dryer, busted the waterpipes in the foundation slab, ruined their water well pump..... I have a great deal of respect for lightening and go to great lengths not to be caught out in a storm.
My dad was standing near a lightning stike years ago, when I was little, while stringing fence and was knocked down by it. He didn't have any lasting injuries from it. I went to HS with a kid who was jumping off a diving board and was stuck mid dive. Went though his finger tips and out the bottom of one foot. It took him forever to recover, but he did.

I hope that young woman recovers. We have had some pretty good light shows around here lately and I try to be mindful that just because there are no clouds around, there can still be strikes close by. We had a similar situation over the weekend where it was clear where we were but the strikes were very close from a distant storm. Nice to watch from indoors.
That's bad news.... hopefully she will come out ok.

Lightning is also the one thing that makes me get inside. You don't want to be around me outside when it is lightning. 3 very close calls in the last few years, so I get out of it quick!
grannysoo":2eqr3las said:
That's bad news.... hopefully she will come out ok.

Lightning is also the one thing that makes me get inside. You don't want to be around me outside when it is lightning. 3 very close calls in the last few years, so I get out of it quick!
about the closest ive been to being hit was opening a gate. the hair on my arms raised up and it was like you a bulb blew out.. needless too say i was hunting new ground..
They did say on the news that there was a lot of lightning activity around Saskatchewan and northern Alberta (north of where I live), and started a lot of forest fires. But of course a lot of risk to people like those folks too.

Hope she heals up alright. Sad to hear that. :(
We had an old Bois D'Arc on the pasture across the road. Lightening hit it Friday and it looked like it exploded. Internal fiber slivers are everywhere and the tree trunk main body is in 4 pieces. I can't imagine what that would do to a human body.

Hopefully the girl will recover fully.
That is absolutely horrible. I too hope that she recovers fully and is given the strength to deal with this tragedy.
I'm so sorry to hear that. I hope she heals well. Her family is in my prayers.

Lightning scares the bejeebies out of me. I know what it can do. Every year, during bad thunderstorms we unplug everything we can unplug. This house cracks and pops when its close. I just hate it.

When we have been caught off-guard over the last few years, to date we have lost 2 computers, 1 TV, 3 telephones, 1 light, 1 VCR/DVD player and a radio. During the summer months/thunder season we unplug everything before we leave the house.

It is a sad story, for sure, but at least it sounds like she is going to be OK. They are saying that she didn't actually get struck by the lightning. She will be out of the hospital on Thursday is the last word.

As for him, he was in the process of splicing the barbed wire together. The lighting hit a couple posts down from where he was working.
In my nursing career I have seen about three people survive a lightning strike, One gent was walking between his house and the shed and was hit. He had a noticeable burn right down one side of his body. Another young man was talking on his mobile (cell) phone and a bolt hit a fence across the road and knoked him down. He couldn't speak for a while but came good after about 4 hours. Another father and son were walking along a beach with their fishing rods over their shoulders when a storm came upon them hit both and killed them instantly. Their bodies were what you would find if they had been incinerated. How sad was the story about the young man, innocently doing what lots of us have done in an impending storm, straining up a fence.
I am glad she is going to be OK.
We were fencing all day yesterday . It was really nice out but with storm clouds around, we got nothing of course but this really makes you think again about how safe you are..It has been stormy all day and no rain here yet as usual but thundering and lightening enough that Steff has been inside or by my side all day, I have more fencing to do but after hearing this I opted to forgo it for now. You just never know .
now that truelly is a very sad tragdy. goes to show your not safe doing any work with the possabilty of a lighting strike.hope she recovers fully.

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