Tractor tire brand?

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Jan 4, 2006
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Southern Michigan
I have Goodyear, Firestone, and one Michelin on my tractors. Getting another tractor and have to get a set of 18.4-38. Was thinking of a set of Michelins radials but the dealer gave me prices on BKT and several other brands. The Goodyear-Titans don't have as good as a reputation in this area as the Firestone and Michelin. I guess Titans and Firestone are the only American made. I do a lot of road travel so tread wear on pavement is a big issue for me.
Goodyear/titan maybe made in America but they are the worst tires I've ever owned. Wear fast, crap traction, and seem to be magnetic to flats.

I usually go with Firestones, but last year I put some BKT's on the front of my mfwd loader tractor because I needed them now and my guy had then in stock. Tractor got a lot of road miles last year making hay and they show no signs of wear yet...
Been using Cultors recently as that's what the local tire guy is able to get.

Have one pair on the front of a MFWD loader tractor that are nearly 3 years old, haven't had a single flat or issue. They still have plenty of life left.
Firestone 23 degree is the last set I bought in that size very happy with them. Had a set of BKT on a smaller feed tractor I thought they left some to be desired.
I have Titans (OEM) on my 6530, 10 years and just passed 1000 hrs. Rears are 16.9x28 6 ply, forget fronts but are 10 ply big and fat, front and rears are F1 bias. Very little wear. The front shows thin rows of slight, shallow cracks around the start of the lugs but been that way since new. Rears show no cracking at all. It's 65 PTO 4wd and I'm pulling implements I had bought for, and used with, my JD 4230 2wd 100 hp PTO tractor so I guess I'm getting good traction.

I chose to dump the R4 rears on my 2400 and needed a match for a 12x16.5 R4 6 ply. Surfing I found that Titan was the only supplier to have a match for that in a turf: 33x12.5x16.5 4 ply. Local sell anything 5th generation tire store is also a Titan dealer, picked them up for less than half of list price (about $600 each, got for $260 ea.) and by waiting for one of his normal tire delivery trucks got them with free shipping and no tax since for ag use. Can't beat that.

Not a Titan fan. Just stating facts as they pertain to me. For the last 15 years at least have been running Kelly Springfield Powermark 2000 16.9x28 4 ply R4s on my 2000 and 3000 Fords (same sets on each) and they have been great running/lasting also. Ran other brands on other tractors over the years including Firestone and Good Year and can't site one over the other.

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