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Yet another good reason why this type of org has sprung up in some parts of Canada.

Strong and well organized.

Usually those ag families near the citiy or the large town are at the greatest risk.

The ag family is at risk to many things - including visitation from government officials who have the idea of shutting you down for whatever reason.

I have witnessed this personally. Believe me when I say the ag family is truly t risk from intervention at the environmentalist level.

The reason is - sorry folks - truth time - the average farmer or rancher is an idiot when it comes to fighting the well organized and funded - usually city based - land grabbers. The average ag family can usually not afford the funds to fight them in court. That is changing - but not fast enough.

Be that as it may - one call from a Landowner member in distress will have over 100 supporters in his yard within 30 - 40 minutes.

I have watched them back the government and the police down several times. I used to scoff at them - no longer.

You folks living on the land will soon be off the land - two generations at best - unless you start returning fire - organize or die.


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