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Don't we all just love townies?

I was recently at the Royal Easter Show in Sydney, Australia with a team of cattle and have got some damn funny stories about things the townies asked me. My favourite was this middle-aged guy who came up to me and said "Are these the cows?". Now, I was sitting on the back of my 1200 kg Poll Hereford bull with 15 other animals, including cows, heifers steers and calves. Wondering what kind of sheltered life he had led, i said "yeah these are the cows" to which he promptly replied "Ok, so where are the cattle?". I couldn't believe it, but I just said "These are the cattle". I nearly pissed myself when he said "So where are the cows". My friend had to explain to the poor man that they were the same thing, cos I was in stitches!

Does anyone else have funny stories like this? I'd love to hear them.
Not a big funny; however, I once saw a post where a naive human asked how old did a STEER have to be before he could breed a cow...

Person must have been from New York City, or
By no means am I trying to start another "discussion" on cab, but a funny thing happened to me. I was talking with a person from the city and we were dicussing beef. He said he really like the CAB, and I said we have black angus, and every year we butcher a few for freezer beef. He thought that was neat, and proceeded to ask what we fed cattle to make them become black angus.
Those poor, poor, misguided city people.
When we lived in Illinois, we had a dairy barn with a small lot next to it close to the road. On the weekends, we had all kinds of people that were driving "in the country" stop to see the horses or cows.

When we got our first Brahman cattle, the people REALLY came to see them! We had a man from Chicago say "those are the funniest looking goats I've ever seen".

My sister-inlaw came to visit with her children from Chicago. As I was giving them a tour showing our cattle, her 16 year old daughter asked me if I had any "Girl Bulls" out there. I defered the question to her Father :?
Once when I was at a show my cousins from the city came to see me . . . when talking about da 'hoof and hook' comp they were convinced that the hoof part was when we took their halters off and they ran around in th yards while the judges judged them. they thought that the hook part was referring to what we used to lead thekm round the ring
Some great stories!

Think the "cause" of all this naivete, confusion, lack of "education" about very basic animal stuff can be blamed on our urban cultures that con't provide a complete education in our schools as well as parents that don't expose their kids to a wide variety of things. The moms and pops are too busy (and unconcerned) about "yuppie" and "boomer" stuff and chasing other things.

Our "training" of kids somehow tends to leave out some of the most basic cultural things such as "cow, bull, steer, hoe, shovel, hammer, goat, where milk comes from," and other stuff. "New Age" parents and schools are too busy chasing designer clothes, cell phones, SUV's, soccer, cosmetic surgery, bottled water, and all those other superficial life things that would cause you to die within a week if your electricity was turned

All of us "basic country folks" will probably be the "survivors" when it's all said and done.

Hey! Getting my Ph.D. was a real trip back in the early 80's; HOWEVER, doesn't matter anymore and that degree and 75 cents will buy me a cup of coffee and a seat at the local cafe... :cboy: for thought....
At the age of 14, at a centenial parade in SD, they had a hay wagon with checkens in it go by. I asked my grandpa in a not real quiet voice..."what are those birds with all the pretty feathers?" to which he replied the breed of chicken. The only ones I had ever seen were in plastic bags with no heads or feathers, and it had never really occured to me how they got there, where they came from, or what they looked like before hand.
I grew up on a dairy farm. At the county fair my favorite question wile standing at the parlor was "do the brown cows give chocolate milk". All I can do not to laugh now even 10 years later. They are so serious when they ask things that we assume to be common sence.
Dear Guest, here is a pretty 'chicken' for your enjoyment.

Two Funny Cow Things:

My Dad was asked by a city fella once "Why did that Oxen breed die out?"


A local old farm woman around here used to spray paint C O W on the sides of her cattle during deer season each year with bright orange paint. Sometimes I think I should sray paint H U M A N on myself. Truthfully though, I only really fear for my donkeys as their coloring is similar.
I taught the first grade classes at my elementary school about farming when I was in first grade. I attribute their knowledge to myself because for a bunch of townies they know more than most.

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