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Nov 21, 2013
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Hi so I have a small acreage and I am running 5 cows and calves and just come out of drought. It's low rainfall country it's boom grass growth at the moment after 3 years of no dam water and short supply of feed. I hire a bull, calve the cows, and grow the year before calves out to two years and sell or sell straight off mum if the season is unkind.

I have a full time job, this is a lifestyle choice having the property, I am trying to stay connected to farm life.

I see a lot of work, calving, being worried she might have trouble while I am at work, hire of bulls. The bull hire guys normally hire you a stud and by the time you have finished talking it's a commercial calf kept from a saleyard cow. Being a small operator you pay for everything at a premium.

Would I be better off step one= not rejoin the cows after next calf. Grow the weaned calf, the cow and the new calf all out as heavy as I can and sell , then start again simply buy 10 heifers or steers and simply buy small grow out and sell heavy spell paddock a month or so then buy another pen and repeat?

your thoughts would be appreciated. Whatever I run I will still get a kick out of maintaing fences, planting grass, handling the cattle and being on my property. I will nave affection for my stock whatever they are.

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