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Dec 14, 2019
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McGregor, Tx
We have a PITA who came to live with us above 2 years ago. She's a good dog other than going on random 24 hour escapes a couple times recently. She seems to always convince one of the others to go along for the ride-dog peer pressure. Well, these two came home after a bender all day yesterday, wouldn't move out of their spot. We figured sore muscles. This event the short instigator wouldn't even stand up. Torn pads on all feet, fronts worst. No bleeding. So a bit of Vaseline and gauze, we'll see if it's better pain wise in the morning.
Has a greyhound that would tear her pads-she never crumpled like this…


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We had a dog that wouldn't ride the SxS or ATV but would run for miles beside it until she was so pooped out she didn't have a choice. After a long run on gravel roads she'd go into hiding for a day or two until we found her. Everytime she did this her pads would be raw and bleeding. Probably happened 5 or 6 times and she'd always heal up fine.

This dog was a 1 yr old stray that sat at the mailbox for several days. My little nephew was over and ask to go outside, I told him he could but do not go get that dog. I guess he went right to the road and got her. We had her for 16 years and had to put her down last year. The wife sat with her for 2 days and she just wouldn't let go. Good dog..dumb dog but good one.
I liked using Condies crystals (potassium permanganate) foot baths twice a day for damaged pads, it helps a lot. It has to be made up fresh each time as it oxidises but you only need a pinch of it in an icecream container of water and give it a few minutes to go nice and purple.


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