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recently got a rather scathing comment from somebody who thinks angus is the ideal breed for a climate like Louisiana. I freely admit that I have opinions and may sound officious but if I state something it is usually because I've seen it, tried it, been there, got the T-shirt. I may not put IMHO at the end of my replies but I assume that everybody takes all advise as what its worth: free and an opinion. As for defending trail riders; there are knuckleheads everywhere who own horses, Ive met a few hunter-jumpers, contesters,AQHA members, dude ranch, outfitters and southern cattlemen who shouldn't be allowed to own horses. I try to show new people how to care for horses, gently object to knuckleheads, avoid willful dummies and spread the word on genuine bad seeds. If you have a real specific problem, talk about it but blanket inditements are-----adolescent. Jon Sheridan

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