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I'm doing a bit of research and i would greatly appreciate some help!! Does anyone know the top feedlot producers in the U.S.? I found a few but i think they're more processors/distributors. Thanks for your help.

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I am not sure I fully understand the question, but one of the largest Cattle Feeders in this country is Cactus Feeders in North Texas, but they have expanded, and I don't know all the delails of there full property holdings. I think you can find them on line, they are very helpful to learning groups. Try a google search for Cactus Feeders.

In terms of the top Feeder Production Animal, a Limousin or Limousin cross will out perform just about anything in terms of growth efficiency, food in = pounds produced, they are known for this trait, and dress out at about 64% on a regular basis, which also gives them a yeild advantage over other light weight carcass animals. They do not however produce a heavily marbled carcass, but can make a Choice or High Select on a regular basis when fed to the correct end point.

Hope this helps.

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