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May 28, 2011
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Western Kentucky
Brought 1 back home. We've had a super large heifer calf crop this year so planned on keeping heifers and 0 bulls to be in the way this go around. So I had 1 bull I liked I thought would make a good herd bull, well I stuck to my guns and decided I'd sell him as a feeder and he be out of the way leaving more room for heifers. Well he wasn't tagged but was sent to a pen I wasn't accustom to receiving with our calves. Checked the pen out and he was in a small pen with a black baldy not the typical large pen that our black calves go to. Heck no this isn't happening, I'm not taking a reduction on one of our best calves especially one I thought had bull material. So yeah I had them pull it out and load it back up. Not the first time it has happened. Had a Red one before get brought back home in a similar situation and were taken back to the sale a few weeks later to top the sale even over the black counterparts. Listed him on the report as a small - medium #1 which the pen brought 1.18 per pound. Should have been in the pen that sold for 1.4375.
man I get no feedback like that at all here...just the costs and the check. every cow or calf unless you ask them goes thru one at a time..whats it matter what pen theyre in

market picked a few bucks up this week after the holiday off
Probably so Joe, I liked him anyway so might as well. May just not keep as many heifers as I wanted to or fence some more lots or paddocks to keep them separated.
Dieselbeef, most of the Sale Barns here grade the calves and comingle them with others in like color pens, weights, and frames to make an attractive groups for buyers. And yes sometimes they try to create bargain pens to keep buyers and grader happy with each other.
So are you saying that your calves may sell with some other people's calves
BRYANT":2mbt1j9m said:
So are you saying that your calves may sell with some other people's calves
I,will answer that. Yes some sales group like size and kind of calves together. Buyers might get 10 or 100 in some groups. The buyers like getting big groups that way.
When they have special graded feeder sales here they also co-mingle calves from different sellers to make up groups. Our regular sales do not. There are advantages to each. If you wean your calves, follow the vaccination protocol, then selling at the graded sales will often pay a bit more. They also charge more commission so you have to figure where the break even point is between one sale or the other. For the guys who follow the requirements, and have the calves on feed for 30-90 days, it is probably to most of their advantages to sell at the graded feeder sales.
that's not something they do around here.
There was a big debate in another post about the longhorn X Char. and how your reputation as a seller was so important but I guess at a sale that does that it would not matter, no one would really know who brought what ???

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