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When folks discuss the problems with a sick animal on these boards I always take an interest in the final outcome. I must be getting to old and soft, when these animals die it makes me really feel awfull. My usual comment to myself is "Dammit". Condolences to you folks that really work with your animals and try everything you can to get them recovered and still loose them. Shame on those that don't.

dunmovin farms
Know what you mean. Had to pull a dead calf day before yesterday. I knew she was close two days prior and could not find her the day before. Found her the next day with the head and one hoof hanging out, calf already strangled. She was worn out and really suffering. That's the only time it's nice to have a cow with horns - so you can rope her, snub to something and then work the comealong on the other end. Beats worrying about choking her to death trying to save her. She's OK now and getting back to her mean self. The baby looked like a nice bull calf. She's done fine for several years till now. Doesn't matter how long somebody has been running livestock, if they're a decent human they can't help but hurt for an animal that is in pain and/or bad condition.
sometimes, the older we get, the more important life becomes. We start to appreciate the differences between life and death. And, being ranchers, working daily with living things that depend on what we do, our perspective on life is so very different from people who tend to think: everything is replaceable. (much like what I think when the coffee pot goes gunny bag.) Ranchers, farmers, KNOW... there may be another one, but darn, I wish I could have done more for the one that was here. Learning respect for the world we live in isn't getting too is getting pretty wise.

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