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Hi Frankie, I doubt if you will ever see that in print, other than on a premium/discount menu from IBP. The big three meat packers don't work that way. If you could see the test cost figures of the big three you would see that the greatest profit margin is on 850 to 900 lb. carcasses. IBP almost went under in the mid 70s cutting light carcasses, they won't make that same mistake twice. The reason you are hearing this is because the largest percentage of cattle ready for slaughter today, are heavy cattle, in small and mid size feedlots that held on to those cattle in hopes of a better price. They are getting a better price and at the same time getting a greater discount, the per head dollar will be less than if they had sold two or three weeks ago. The large factory feedlots that have sweetheart deals with the big three have no heavy cattle left. This is just another way to increase their profit margin, there is nothing wrong with a 850 lb. carcass. This will be a very good year to watch, with alot of calves starting to move into the feedlots from drought areas of the country, where are all the heavy cattle going to be when these calves are ready for slaughter.

Best Regards... Benjamin C Roberts author of, PAST PRESENT and how we can survive for the FUTURE in the beef cattle business.

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