tireing day!

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Aug 15, 2006
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Had to get the truck inspected,was only 3 months late!! Filled it up 30.00$$! Drove to Elgin-(thats the furtherest I've driven in more than 8 months)-'cause that's where I've had it inspected sense I bought the truck. First hoop-I forgot insurance card! Remembered company I use was IN Elgin,so went by,got new card. Second hoop- the R turn signal won't stay on-they'r telling me 264$ labor/parts to fix that :shock: I explaned that it would stay on if the wheel was turned just right,had no money did have colon cancer,so he took it around the block,said Yes,it did stay on,passed the truck :heart: No more hoops! :D
Went by Elgin library,saw face to face friends hadn't seen for more than 8 months..They all laughed at how much my hair had changed( no more red and each hair stands up!) Lots of hugs :heart: :heart:
Went to City Cafe . Had a chicken fried steak :D first one of those in waay too long.. City Cafe is for sale! It was mentioned in Texas Monthly.
Came home absolutly exausted,took 3 hr nap
Lots of first -in -a- long -times!
Kind of a ramble,but I haven't done anything like that in too long!!
I'm glad you were able to get your truck inspected. I personally really appreciate a good long nap.
Naptimes are pretty much my favorite time of the day :lol2: That and mealtime :D
Yeah,that was the longest trip I'd drivernon in about a year!
being tired is a goodthing.esp when you have a fun day eating good food.an seeing old friends.an napps are good when your dogtired.
Awww jeez. Now you've made me hungry. I love chicken fried steak. :D Glad you had a great day!! You deserve one.
Angus Cowman":1lqioo0v said:
congrats on being able to do it for yourself
a few months ago you would never even thought of doing what you did today
things are looking up
Yep,I still crash and burn after a few hours-but I can keep going longer now :banana:

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