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I am getting ready to AI my cows, but have to do vaccines (8-way, Lepto, and Ivomec Plus)soon, I think. Of course, I can't AI on the same day that I vaccinate, and wouldn't even try, but is there a time between the vaccine and the AI that is appropriate? I just read an article.... "Don't vaccinate in first two months of pregnancy"... not a problem, because I was planning on vaccinating first, anyway (since I am not synchronizing). If I vaccinate this Friday... how long before I can AI my cows?

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There have been varying studies done on this and I don't know of a hard and fast rule. The reasons not to vacc. in the first 60 days of preg. are 1) fetal absorption/abortion 2) vaccines unable to protect against abortions in most vulnerable time.

A rule of thumb which is used in this area is vaccinate 1 heat cycle before breeding. This way there is no stress on the animals at heat and the pregnancy is protected. Thus if breeding starts June 25, vaccination would be June 4 for cows, June 6 for heifers. Do people actually do this? Many farmers vaccinate in the fall at preg check or weaning, way past the time it'll protect the fetus from abortion. Conveniant, perhaps, but still wasting money in my opinion.

If you're cows are really stressed, I'd wait at least 10 day post vax to breed to allow the endogenous steroids to drop enough for conception. Otherwise 3-4 days is probably enough. Clear as mud? V
Absolutely clear as the Columbia River! lol... I am doing good, according to your specifications, and I sure appreciate your rapid response. Do I give the Lepto to the calves as well as the mama cows? Are there other vaccinations I should consider? Six months later, do I do the same vaccines?

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Different vaccines have different renewal periods. Lepto is commonly effective for only 6 months, so in bred animals it is often done twice yearly in at risk situations. Some vaccines are given less than yearly (I do blackleg every 3-5 years in mature cows) so it depends on which vaccine you're asking about. Best solution is to ask your vet or read the label.

Re: lepto in calves, it is very convenient to give to heifer calves with the rest of the vaccines, since it properly boosts them. In Canada, bull calves which may go into semen production have to be lepto negative, so we don't vaccinate bull calves here for lepto. Again, ask what's needed in your area!

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