Tiger Striped Calves

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Nov 18, 2007
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I have a Tiger Striped Bull calve. His dam is a mixed breed. I have no idea what his sire was. I know everything is based on genetics.
This is my question.
Is there any special or predominate color or breed makeup to produce a Tiger Stripe Calve.
I don't know of a specific breed that is tiger striped or brindle.We used to get brindles or tiger stripes from Hereford and Jersey cosses when I was a kid. Hereford x Brahman crosses will often produce a tiger stripe. I'm sure a Brown Swiss can also do it depending on what it's crossed with.
I got a brindle fron a Jersey/Holstein cow from my Highland bull I figure it comes from the Jersey because we Jersey x Guernsey twin heifers that have gone brindle as well
We have a tiger striped calf from a Simm. cross cow and a full blood simm. bull....
We also had a really nice cow that was brindle that we milked for the table when I was a kid. She was Milking Shorthorn and Jersey cossed. She was beautiful cow.

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