Tiff Leaf 3millet

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Jun 18, 2005
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North Florida
Is there any better forage than Tiff Leaf 3 millet for weaned calves for north Florida. Normally if we plant Tiff Leaf 3millet now it will stop producing around Augest or September. So we are going to plant one fleild now and one in 45 days. Do you have any other suggestions?
I may be wrong but I believe the reason Tif-Leaf slows down its growth is due to the days getting shorter. I have planted some in the past and as long as I kept it fertilized and grazed short it would keep growing til the middle of September.
We Fall calve and after weaning in May cows go on bermuda grass permanent pasture for summer and weaned calves go on TL 3 millet @ 4.8 AUM's. There is nothing better than Tiff leaf 3 millet, we graze it May 15th to Oct 1 here.

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