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Santas and Duhram Reds

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Jul 10, 2007
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Another post on these boards makes reference to a man saying that he wouldn't buy a bull b/c he didn't think he could get the job done on some larger framed cows. This never really occured to me though it might make since. Can say a frame 5 bull breed a 9 frame cow? Where there is a will, is there a way. I know I have seen some dogs that got it done, I don't know how, maybe she was laying down, but it got done none the less. So at what point would a bull not be able to get the job done?
I saw a Jersey yearling bull get a huge (6' at her front shoulder) Holstein cow in calf we didn't think it would happen, but that little bull waited until he was on a bank higher than the cow what he didn't plan on was the bank giving away under his back legs, funniest thing was watching him slide down under the cow & the cow just standing there looking :D Years ago when I had horses I bred a 34" mini stallion to a 15hh Arabian mare, 11 months later the mare had a buckskin filly - only filly that old mare ever had I've still got that buckskin she eventually went 12hh

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