Thoughts on this Bull, Reading EPDs

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Mar 16, 2017
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Hey all. New to this. Couldn't load picture from iPad. Hoping to use this bull on a few heifers. Also wanting to keep some from him too. He is a 14 month old Simmental. I know his farm of origin. Great guys with some great cattle. I'm new to EPD's. Any help, thoughts, comments, suggestions would be appreciated.

CE ---BW - -WW ---YW ---Milk ---MCE
11.1 /2.4 /58.6 / 79.0 /24.1 /11.8
Acc. 0.19 all across
%Rk. 10. 25. 85. 90. 50. 15.
Well accuracy so low and no pedigree info... it's really a crap shoot, but given low beef ww and yw
I'll go out on a limb and say he'll make better females and fine to use on Simmental heifers.

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