thoughts on these load bars & scale/readout?

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Jan 2, 2014
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Northeast KS (USA)
I've got a need for some new loadbars and readout. I don't need anything fancy, just durable and priced right.

Loadbars ==> ... ars/G06300

Readout ==> ... rs/G012504

In both cases, the original buyer never took them out of the case and the dealer bought them back at a discount and so is passing the discount on to me (if I buy a squeeze from him, which I'm planning on doing -- just don't want to get stuck w/ a crappy set of load bars or a bad readout).

Anyone use or know anything about these? Buy 'em? Avoid 'em?

Thanks in advance.
I don't think you can go wrong with gallagher. I have used Triner brand before but I don't believe them to be near as durable as the Gallagher.
Sorry missed this thread - those load bars are great, real solid units. I haven't used a 210, but use a 610 and will likely buy an 810 later this year as well (I also have a gallagher EID reader wand). \

Gallagher and tru test are likely the top 2 in cattle scales for quality and product.