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Jan 21, 2006
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My little patch of earth, Perth, WA, Australia
One of my friends, her boyfriend is not only into drugs but he beats her too. Several occassions she has ended up in hospital after he beat her, and one time because he had OD'ed her.

Havent spoken to her for about six months now, heard about her from a mutual friend the other day, apparently she is 4 mths pregnant and is living with her mum now.

I'm just so glad she has got away from the boyfriend. Its not the type of environment you should be bringing a child into.

She'll be in my prayers tonight and my thoughts while I sleep.
In Alabama,USA. We refer to this bloat as one that "needs killing". Just a thought.
I hope she can get that idiot to pay his share of child support. At least she's away from him. I see it all too frequently around here and it is sad.
vicious I'd have shown him vicious, that death was far to slow, and detectable.....

Keren glad your friend is out of that relationship, and no it is not a good place to bring up a child. Lets hope she keeps her head and stays away from him for good. and a good for nothing like that will never give anything for the baby no matter what you try, just good to be away from it.
I hope so chrisy. She is the sort of person who, when I asked her about why she was staying with him, said 'He loves me. Who else will love me if I leave him?' She's never had real high self esteem. But I am hoping with a baby to love and care for, she wont feel like she needs him.

I'd be scared to ask him for child support. Because then he might want something to do with the baby, and I'd want to keep it completely away from him.

I might go over there and see her today. I'm ashamed to say we had a bit of a falling out because well I understood why she was staying with him, but I didnt agree with it. Selfish on my behalf, but I havent spoken to her for ages, because of him.

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