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Mar 10, 2016
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Found some pictures of my great grandpa with some nice Herefords... They don't make cattle like this anymore...

And an old poster I found...

Very nice indeed. The HH is a tough customer and can take anything the winter can throw at it. Too bad so many think that because it is not black it is a lower quality animal.

I visited a large farm in the UK not long ago and they too raise HH - and they were darned nice animals. All the cows that stayed on as breeders had their horns. They were all trained down in the classic Hereford look. Awesome herd.

Tasted down right good when we chowed down on a roast. That 5 year old cow make the mistake of not having a calf that year - at around the time the farmers freezer was empty - so she ran on grass all summer and gave me a darned fine meal just after the New Year.

Those are quality pics - you going to get them done up in a frame with a short story on your Great Grandad? It would be nice hanging on the wall.

It would also be a nice piece to pass on to the kids.

Like the pictures! I especially like the bull, all the way on the left, 'in-hand', in the second photo. nice looking set of horned Herfs.

They sure have changed, over the years.
NIce pictures.

Here is another picture of the steer show a few years ago. Why lead when you can ride eh?