Those that have gone ahead

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Jan 19, 2004
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Northeast Montana
Remember those that have allowed us the ability to live in this great country and the freedom to discuss on these boards these subjects we continously debate.

My Dad was a member of the 163rd Infantry Regiment (Montana) of the 41st Division. They were known as the Jungleers. He was totally disabled while serving in New Guinea in 1944--this disability led to his premature death. He was never able to to see his grandchildren.

But he told me many times that if the decision had to be made again he would have done the same thing-- as the alternative loss of freedom was out of the question. When he spoke of the war, he thought of it as a job that had to be done. ... in-bde.htm
The greatest generation gave more than we can ever imagine. We all owe a tremendous debt, to never forget and to carry on the fight for freedom and liberty with the same conviction. If we don't all they paid for will be lost.
My grandfather was part of a B-17 bomber group stationed in the UK. He was fortunate enough to see his grandchildren before he withered away. I think the good Lord threw away the mold after he made some of those guys. It's interesting to see the way kids and teenagers view seniors from that generation, not having a clue what they were doing in 1944.
Hats off to your father, Oldtimer. And to all those who have sacrificed. I especially like your (his) line that "the alternative loss of freedom was out of the question."


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