Thoroughbred mare

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> My friend's parents have a mare
> who is going to foal soon. But she
> is incredibly grouchy and kicks
> her pony companion around.Why is
> she doing this?

You need to separate her from her companion ASAP. She is letting you know in the best way she is able that she desires privacy. Many mares become different "people" when close to foaling. Also, keep in mind that Thoroughbred girls often are more aggressive and have even in some extreme circumstances been known to attempt to hurt their own babies. Not to worry, though. Mamma is probably just wanting her own nesting space, so get rid of the pony. She doesn't want to share her new bundle with extended family- not yet, anyway. Keep me posted and please do feel free to email with anymore questions. We are a rather large breeding operation in Oklahoma. Hope this has helped?!?!

Debbie Miller

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