This Years 4-H heifer

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Aug 24, 2005
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Saskatchewan, Canada
Here is the heifer that our daughter will be using this year. We let her choose from 4 heifers, and she liked the black and white one the best. She may not be the perfect show animal, but, I know she is quiet, and that is the most important thing for now.

She is out of one of our older black Angus cows and a Hereford bull.

This is the only decent picture I have of her right now, she was very unco-operative ;-)

She is weighing in at 670 lbs as of Dec 7.
Disposition is SUPER important with the little ones. It may make the difference betwenn wanting to do it again and not wanting too. I think your daughter did fine. :D
randi.. Hopefully that heifer will get a little more "cooperative" as well as cleaned up ;-) .. Nice choice your daughter made.
Thanks everyone, I hope she does well with her. She is a nice heifer and she seems to be pretty quiet. A little rambunctious at feeding time, but that is about it.
To me the best part is that she came out of your herd. Congratulations on a nice heifer and good luck.
i can see alot of potential in her! once you get her cleaned up she'll look really good. i hope they do well together!

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