This Product Will Not Be Sold in Stores

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I swear I have seen this before. I so want one. Everyone else can order their plate or their coin, but I want one of these bad boys.
They're advertised on TV really, really late night. They were being sold in stores but were pulled due to protests.
I can't really see why. You could have a chiabush, (catchy!) or a chiaclinton. You could have a chiapope. Heck, who wouldn't love to have a chia of themselves??? Chiafamily!
I'd buy them bythe truck load. I think they would make great stress releiving clay pigeons. Put them in the clay pigeon thrower. Shout pull and blast them up. Very stress realeiveing after hearing what Obama wants to do to agriculture in the U.S. Some of the people that have obama's attention and people he owes some faovors to want to import all our food, completely stop agriculture, sow the land back to praries and let the buffaloe roam free again. and how his press secretary sent out a memo to all police stations in the U.S. telling them to watch out for 2nd ammendment radicalists such as those of us that are for pro-life instead of abortion, those of us that dont want gun laws, and so forth and such on, baisically everyone that isnt a liberal and is in their right mind and disagrees with the obama administration. It also included saying that police should watch out for veterans returning from the war in Iraq and how they are dangerous to the country. And how we shouldnt profile muslims to be terrorists either. :mad: srry im sick of this bs and had to rant a little bit

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