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Jun 1, 2008
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I lost a dear friend Friday, and had to go to the funeral today at 1. Everything was fine with the cows and heifers when I left. Came home and went to check on them and I had a heifer in labor. :eek: What the he double hockey sticks? She is only 14 months old. I was racking my brain as to when she mightve gotten bred and how in the heck she got bred so soon? :help: I mean she was with a bull but I never seen her come in heat and if she got bred it had to been around 5 months? :???: Well I watched her and she was not bagged up showed no signs of being bred nothing. It took her an hour to have it and it was a premie, it only had a head and its front legs and it was about the size of a small dog very small dog. How many months do you think she was premature? I am racking my brain as to why she aborted. It was a surprise this happened. What a way to start March, first I lose a dear friend and then I have a calf that has no business being bred aborted her calf at i dont know how many months. Any clues? :help:

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