This fall's prospect steer(new, better picture added)

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Jun 5, 2007
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not to bad for an oops!
lol.. really cute calf, but may be a little young to determine yet! Good cow.. that should definately help his prospects!
That looks like a good cow in the background. Was this a natural oops or an AI oops? He looks like a decent little calf anyway. I love that 2nd picture- you can tell it in his eyes that he knows he's the wrong color.
It's a long story, but in a nutshell-she had been exposed before we bought her, so we were expecting a calf a year ago. She never showed any signs of coming in, so when the fairs were over in 2007-fall, we turned her out with our herd to wait for her to calve. Then our bull went to her. We got her up and she never showed any sign of coming in -again-, then we moved. We assumed our old bull bred her, so we turned her out when we moved on our new place, then we put our young bull in the pasture, never saw her come in or breed, but we kept waiting. Anyway-the calf is out of our young bull, who is a who made who son. This is the 4th calf from him, and I am liking the looks of them. All the others are heifers and weighed in the 60 lb range, then along came this feller weighing in at 90 lbs. My son's tickled to death and if he grows decent he is determined to show him this fall at county and district. Our spring show is coming up and I think he's going to show them as a commercial pair. We are in the process of picking a sire for her next calf and son was wanting Reload, but as big as this calf was, I am afraid mama may be partly to blame and don't want any calving problems, so we are still checking out the sire list. By the way, mama is a JDB Stewart granddaughter. The little hereford baby my daughter's cow had a couple of weeks ago is a half sister to this cow. Am hoping she turns out as nice.

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