Think she will make milk?

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She was taking wayyyyyy too long. After about an hour of me watching her shove the calfs feet out repeatedly and giving up, I finally dumped some cubes and went to work.
Not near as much chrome as I expected!
What's that!
Seven knows!
Nosey gurl anyway.
It's a flying udder!
Mama went to get a drink and the new one decided to get up. Mama noticed and hightailed it straight to the calf. WITH BESSIE IN TOW!
Calf looks just pert near like Bessie's!
I almost thought we were gonna have a problem. Bessie ran straight up to that baby and shoved Mama right outta the way.
Fortunately Bessie's decided it was time to eat and went to hollaring when he heard Bessie hollaring.
She was full tilt running!! Lmao. Lookit them teats! 🤭
Been a fun day here
Had to go hunt down Mamas new baby. She's been trying to get Bessies baby. 🙄
Mama was standing not 5 feet away and didn't care one iota I was messing with her baby.
New mama has a nice tidy udder. Won't be putting a 2nd calf on her. No band on either calf yet. Tho I probly will. Not herd improvers here. 😁
Keep us posted! Just Brough home a graft calf for our gal who is going to calve any day.
I'll be up early to get started.
Already got pen set up and extra squares brought down from the barn. Put the big water tank in the pen too. Got my panels upside down so the heifer don't escape.

I hope it goes like usual.
Get Bessie fed, release the hungry hungry hippo. And do it all again tmrw evening
Just a small update for Bessie.
Against my better judgment, I left the calf in the big pen with Bessie and her born calf. I usually keep the orphan in the trailer for a couple days unless nursing. Only to be let out while Bessie eats and calf nurses. Less chance of an orphan escape.

Well. All is well. Went to feed Bessie this evening and that lil black heifer is following her everywhere. She gotten plenty of milk for sure. Scouring just a touch. I'm sure she will level out.

Sorry but no pics tonight. My ears are a bit droopy this evening. Had some moisture (not much) and cold cold wind.

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