The Thanks I Get

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Oct 12, 2009
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Molino Florida
The boss and I went over to check heifers this morning, we knew we had several to breed. Our herdsman was tied up today so we decided to go ahead and breed them, knowing that we won't get the conception that Mike does. The boss injured his left hand a number of years ago he cut some tendons which left two of his fingers numb. It makes it very difficult for him to feel anything when he gets in the cow. We got to the farm and got the heifers penned up. Then went back to the barn to get the AI supplies. Drove back to the pen, sorted off the heifers we needed to breed. By this point both of us were sweating a bit it was down right warm out. Got the first heifer into the chute, the boss went in her and just couldn't feel anything. I gloved up and bred her we kept moving but the wind was picking up and you could see the front moving in. By the time I got to heifer #5 it was down right chilly and then the rain started. I finished up with her she was swinging her tail and giving me a fit. The rain started coming down and it felt like ice. We started rushing trying to get the heifer out of the chute, load up the semen tank keep the paperwork dry and make a run for the barn. We get back to the barn the boss wants his phone, he says don't move.

So here I am, wet freezing and with a face full of cow crap and the boss just had to have a picture.

That is the thanks I get!

I took a similar picture of my wife a while back. Got caught out checking cows on the four wheeler when it opened up.

Your husband is lucky, as am I, that we have women that are involved and will do what it takes.
That is the way I looked 23 days ago with one to AI.

I was smiling like you 2 days ago when she didn't come back into heat.

Get 'Er done Gizmo

My wife was right there besides me, love that girl.
I couldn't get mad at him for the picture since I know I would of done the exact same thing had the situation been reversed. TG I should have given him a big old hug and snuggle but didn't. My only excuse is I was freezing and wanted to get home for a warm shower. NAme and Tame I figure my chances for them being bred are somewhere between 0 and 25%. It has been 18 years since I bred one so I don't have high expectations. We will see in about 18 to 20 days how I did. One thing is for sure they have a higher % of being bred than they would have if we didn't at least try. We picked up the skid steer in the background at a dispersal sale about 10 years ago. It sure does get used a bunch. The boss would love to have one a little bigger that has the high flow where he could have more attachment options. The farm accountant (me) says no this one is just fine.

So far we have only caught one of the 5 that I bred back in heat, that doesn't mean much but does give me hope that I got a few bred. The boss said if I end up getting 4 out of 5 settled then I have a new job as backup AI tech.