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Apr 21, 2004
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in this article it briefly stated back in the 60's there were shows that protest against Viet Nam, is that treason? Many singers, writers, etc are protesting the current war on Iraq (noticed no one is protesting agains the war on Afghanistan? Now why is that? Its because it an more justify war than Iraq! we all agree to be fighting in Afghanistan!), does it make these people as traitors? I think not. They are voicing their opinion which is not a treason act! Many of you are just upset things aren't going your way...get over it...Iraq was a complete failure. Heres the article: ... 823-1.html
Protesting is one thing, what kerry did when he returned from nam wasn't just protesting. Since you seem to be so into reading the news, look back at the actual news from when he was doing his misdeeds.

GP for someone who is still wet behind the ears and don't have a DAM clue about what went on in Viet Nam why don't you get off this subject and SHUT THE HELL UP ! :mad:
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