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Sep 22, 2010
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Eastern OK
Of those two fillies that I bought one is super easy to deal with and coming along nicely and one really wants to be sweet but has a hair trigger on her flight or fight response and has decided that a halter is a good trigger for flight.
My wife asked me if she and the kids could start helping out some as I've been swamped with farm stuff lately so I told her that the rank one(the gentle one) was to much for her and the kids but they could love all over the gentle one(the one I'm having problems with) and all they had to do was catch the "wild" one and get her out of the way.
That was about a week ago and I messed with them both today and the improvement in the one that doesn't trust me is tremendous. ;-) She's MUCH more trusting and every little blowup turns into her calming right back down and wanting to be close to me.
My wife told me that she thought it was funny how I was having problems with the other one as they hadn't seen that at all and I just smiled and asked her if she would have been that confident if I'd have told her there was a problem.
I'm glad that older wiser me has kicked in. Young and dumb me would have roped that filly by now. I'd have had a halter on her but I'd also have a bronc on my hands and I don't think I will this way.

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