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In the beginning and at the end it's all about how the leader's attitude toward "we the people" that tells us just
how or how well and in whose interest they really have at heart when they were empowered to govern us.
But we have already seen enough of that with the Kerry/Kennedy/Clinton/Edwards Democrats... haven't we.??

Jim Owens.........................................................................................................................

PS...They can not make stuff like this up.... Only Michael Moore and the Hollywood crowd would,
and did in Fahrenheit 911. ...of which I have not and will not waist my money on!!

I'm confident that in approximately 15 minutes this article will be in the
inboxes of every resident of the free world and maybe even a few people in
France. Chris Thomas, Air Force Pilot:
I would like to add my 2¢ with my John Kerry experience. During my career as
an Air Force pilot, I spent two years flying a small twin engine prop plane
around the Pacific from my base in Okinawa, Japan. On one trip we had to fly
Senator Kerry, his congressional aide, and a Navy Captain (Vietnam, A-4
fighter pilot) who was also in Kerry's party to various locations in Vietnam and
Cambodia as part of the MIA/POW talks.

[that would almost be like taking the guilty x.x.x.x. back to the scene of the crime to
investigate his own involvement.??]

He was wearing a shirt with a picture of his sailboat on it. I told him I
had a 27' sailboat in Okinawa, he remarked "Oh I never sail on anything less
than 135 feet."
"Thanks, Senator. I feel even better about the meager salary I get paid for
flying you around the Pacific."

When we first flew him into Phnom Penh, he went to the back of the airplane,
grabbed the pizza that was put aside for the crew and passed it around to
his staff. He was never offered any pizza because they were supposed to have
lunch with the Cambodian government when we landed. The pizza was the crew's
only meal for that day and he ate it. When we picked him up in Cambodia, he was
an hour late getting to the airport. Because fuel was an issue, we could not
start the engines nor the air conditioning until he arrived. Phnom Penh at
that time was over 100 degrees with 95% humidity and we were basically sitting in
a greenhouse behind the cockpit windows. When he finally did arrive, we were
wringing out our clothes from the perspiration. He walks out of the air
conditioned car, into the airplane and asks us "Could you guys get the
air-conditioning running, I'm a little warm?" The other pilot had to physically restrain me
from going back there and picking a fight.

Then we took him into Noi Bai airfield in Hanoi. After we picked him up the
next day (he stayed the night in Vietnam, we stayed in Bangkok) we taxied out, ran up
the engines for take off and noticed our prop rpm was vibrating all over the
place. We taxied off to the side to look at it, but there was a good
possibility that there was an engine malfunction and the engine may fail if
we took off[ with it. Well, Mr. Senator sticks his head up in the cockpit and says "This
plane WILL take off, I have a press conference in Bangkok in three hours!"
(Maybe this is an indication of how he will run the FAA).

American service members lives be damned, we had our Senatorial orders. We
ran the engines again, and did not have the problem, so we took off and made
it back. During the flight, he told everyone how he had taken a Cessna (a small
General aviation plane) up with a fighter pilot, and the fighter pilot
remarked that Kerry was one of the best pilots he had ever seen.

After Kerry left the plane, the Navy Captain came up to us, apologized and
said basically that "he knows Kerry is a jerk" and that we should be glad we
don't have to deal with him every day. Your choice folks. Elections in
November. You want a mega-millionaire ego-maniac it's-all-about-me
crew-eating-pizza-ite like Kerry or maybe a Green Party candidate like Ralph Nader? Or, God
forbid, maybe even re-elect George Bush, a nice God fearing Christian bent on
protecting us from terrorist attacks on US soil?

Only a YELLOW-DOG-DEMOCRAT would NOT be convinced]]


Is there any way to check the authenticity of this story?
If this is really true. it should be circulated. So, how do we know?


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Jan 31, 2004
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South La
Ryder":2mvec38t said:
Is there any way to check the authenticity of this story?
If this is really true. it should be circulated. So, how do we know?
I don't know how to or where to check this out , but I have heard the same story before, on at least a couple of occassions.


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Dec 23, 2003
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here is what snopes has to offer:


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