The cows come home.........

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Jun 14, 2004
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Southern Middle Tennessee
Took a couple random pics of some of the cows coming down from the hills late yesterday afternoon. And yeah before anyone points it out, I have weeds that I need to spray. We got dry in June and this place was brown and about an inch tall. Then it started to rain and hasn't really stopped. My lawn is two different lengths. Haven't been able to mow it all at once between the showers. Guess that's a good problem to have though.




KNERSIE":15tvja71 said:
And yeah before anyone points it out, I have weeds that I need to spray.

....are you saying that longhorns aren't effective weed eaters?
Oh they will eat them just like any other cow, when their isn't anything else. :nod:
They won't eat cockle burrs and they won''t eat these stickers, they'll eat the tops out of them but won't eat them completely down. I don't know of any other breed that will eat them either.
Can someone tell something I set at salebarns quite often and see what they call longhorns that are little puney cows , may be x ropeing stock I don't know, some with calves byside and they are so cheap !!! and they look like something I would not want. Then I saw them sell over 100 head that had been consinged at a sale and they looked more like what you guys have bigger cows that you would be proud for someone to see. that 100 + head were bred to Char bulls many had calves byside some close to 600lbs and they were big nice yellow calves with not much horn. I LIKED THEM !! So whats the differance are they both longhorn? what will your cows weigh?
There are differnt blood lines, bred for different things. And then you have some cattle that might be ok if they were taken care of but so many times people buy them and half starve them. Although the are very efficient at eating alot of things other cattle won't and converting it into beef, they do need basic care. They go thru the sale barn here like that too. Puny, skinny, wormy and pitiful. That's what gives the breed a bad name to alot of folks.
Those Longhorn are cool looking cattle. Glad you got them and glad you share the pics. 8)
you have a fine looking set of dont ya just hate them danged old cocleburrs.we are shredding some of them now.

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