the cows and the bees

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Apr 24, 2004
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I just rented a nice pasture for my pairs and when I was over fencing today, in the back there are those white box things for bees, with bees all over back there. Will the cows/calves be okay with them? The guy said the old "leave them alone they'll leave you alone" thing. But... are cows allergic to bee stings? Do bee's sting cows? What are the chances of the cows rubbing on the boxes and breaking them? I just wonder if I should fence around them? It will cut down a few acres for me. Anyone else have cows and bees living harmoniously?
I had a neighbor that did for about 25 years. Never had any problems that I knew of.
You can never be sure a cow isn't going to scrath herself on the hives. I'ld through up a quicky fence just for the peace of mind

Campground Cattle":1izmwuw1 said:
They will be fine, Every winter the bee keepers come down from North Dakota and place hives in our pastures.

Well Campground, next Spring after they get to circulating around good, we'll see if we can get Greenpasture78 to come put up a fence around your's. Maybe he can stay with you for a while and teach you about.......
Now wait a minute I would rather have a truck load of Yankees. If he does show up after we jump the Sabine and chew the fat with La4, were going to circle North and we can have a sleep over.

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