The adventure begins soon, and the wife wants a dairy cow...

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@farmerjan thanks. I'm starting to figure out her tendencies. Just like most females she's kinda notiony lol. Just kidding. Ill try blocking the calves escape gate so they're only with her at milking time. I started out feeding her when tied with little interest but today I fed her after both times. We'll se what works.
Some of them are very notional... and yep, they're female... You will just have to find her"comfort zone" and then she might get it together... If she is getting after the calves when you are not trying to get them to nurse, she is associating them with being a PITA... coming from a dairy she is used to being milked 2 x a day... get her back to that for a bit, and if she starts accepting them more then go back to try leaving them with her for longer periods of time. Since she is a first calf heifer... she has a lot of learning to get through... if she still has a lot of edema, she might still be a bit sore... and they don't like being butted as much. But I think alot of it is that she wasn't a "momma first" so really has no idea of what she is supposed to do. That mothering instinct has been bred out of them to a great degree... dairies don't want/care if they do more than drop them and maybe get them cleaned up and pass the after birth... then the calf gets taken away... they come in, get milked... and go out and that's it...
Sorry about that. Was a bit confounding wasn't it.
The herd has been around that long.
Can't speak for how long on the A.I. part.

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yes, but you have to admit A.I. since 1921 would be impressive, since it was experimental in the 30's and the first calf born from a frozen ampule of semen was in 1953 and named Frosty.

Oh well, you can always brag that her mother once stood next to the best cow in the barn. :)
Mini cow prices are insane. There are breeding problems with them. Don't go that route.
Read all the posts by @MurraysMutts ... on his sale barn finds and how he turned a very sad looking jersey into a fantastic nurse cow... If you were to have a normal sized jersey, there is no law that says you have to feed for MAXIMUM production... You can feed less and she will produce somewhat less.
Do a "share deal" with a couple of calves. Milk her once a day and let the calves have the rest. Lock her away from the calves ( or pen them up) say in the morning... 8-10 hours later, milk her; then let the calves stay with her for 10-12 hours or so. You might get 1-3 gallons from the milking... the calves get the rest. She will get used to the routine and will give you enough milk for what you want and the calves will get plenty. I do this frequently with my nurse cows. If you have to be gone, the calves just stay with her and get it all... All according to how much she is making, as to how many calves she can feed... 2-3 is a good average. The more grain the more milk... to a point.
There are many different ways to utilize the milk. I have several 1/2 jersey 1/2 angus cows that I have used for milk cows... produce a little less.... can feed 2 calves and still enough milk for 1-2 gallons a day....
Yep, pigs will utilize a good amount of milk... feeding a couple of bottle calves will use 1-1/2 gallons PER CALF per day... 2-3 bottle calves and you will not have alot of extra milk.
Breed her back to a beef bull, get a calf that can become your freezer beef if a bull, or the start of a beef herd if a heifer... use AI, cheaper and safer than keeping a bull for only a couple of cows...
I can/ will answer any questions if you prefer to PM me... and I certainly do not have all the answers... been doing it a few years though...
I bought a nice angus jersey heifer to go with the cow. Had a nice bull calf that his momma was to stupid to raise. She has a bag almost like a dairy cow. Registered angus. I got the bright idea the bull calf might make a bull and didn't want him to be a bottle baby. The BH ( better half) and the daughter been wanting a jersey so in we jump. I'm hoping the little j/a heifer will develop into pa nurse cow if need be.
Maybe not the best setup but we're making due. Didn't try to put calves on her this morning and I think she was ready tonight. I run her through both ways to try to get her sucked down. PITA but what else you gonna do
Some will disagree but a little negative reinforcement when she kicks or butts might change her attitude . If she won't let them nurse while she is getting feed then she might need an attitude adjustment.
@BFE ......How did you finally make out with the jersey cow????
She finally took the heifer calf but never did take the bull. I'm going to move her along with some culls after the first of the year. I may keep the Jer/angus heifer, all that good milk really put the growth on her. She favors the angus side more than Jersey. I'm curious to see what kind of cow she'd make.

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