Thanks! More questions on winter watering!

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Thanks for the winter watering ideas for my cattle! I will have 5 Dexters this spring. I love them!!! I live in Fingerlakes, N.Y. Cold!!!! Tell me, what is a hydrant? How does it work? Does it spike off the underground line that would come through the trench from a well in the barn or outside the barn? Does it freeze in winter? Can someone lead me to a website link that will show me what they are and how they work? Thanks you'all for your help! Great forum this is!! Wish I was in Texas!!! Rose

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We use frost free hydrants here in NW Tn.The cut off valve is underground, but operates from the top.The water drains back down out the bottom into gravel that you place under it, that way the hydrant never freezes. Lowes Home center or Home Depot should carry these.

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