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What do yall consider Texas more of?

  • a Southern state

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  • a western state

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Technically we're F-1, a cross. But if you look at bloodlines, we are Southern, no doubt. That's the way it was since 1845, all through the 1860s, and we certainly still claim it!

No..."Republic of Texas"

We're not "South" (aka/ AL, GA, MS, LA)

We're not "West" (aka/ CA, OR, WA)

Probably the best of the Southwest...lol.

Hey! Some of our COUNTIES are larger than some of the Eastern STATES! LOL.

If you stay away from Dallas, Austin, Houston... lots of fresh air, sunshine, wind, wide open spaces!
East Texas still has a lot of the old south qualities about it. Once you get west of Fort Worth probably more of a southwest flavor.
I asked pretty much the same question of the people in Missouri. The ones north of the river said the midwest, the ones south of the river said neither, it's MISSOURI

Fought under the Stars and Bars that kinda makes us good ole boys