Texas Longhorn

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I live in western Kansas near Dodge City. There is a small herd of Longhorns near the entance to the DodgeCity Airport. I believe it is there for tourists to view... since accross the road is one of the largest feed lots in Kansas. There is one animal in there that looks like a "cross" between a Longhorn and a Bison or Buffalo. Has this ever been done? This animal was colored like a Longhorn with short hair and horns but the body shape was more like Bison. Just thought I'd ask.

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This animal may be a beefalo, which is a cross between bison (aka buffalo) and traditional cattle. You can learn more about them at <A HREF="http://www.ababeefalo.org" TARGET="_blank">www.ababeefalo.org</A>.
Hey John! If you're ever in Texas Panhandle area give us a buzz! We're right on US 83 about 25 miles south of I-40. We raise registered Longhorns and specialize in Senator, Overwhelmer, and other lineages. We have black, parker brown, red, red and white, brown, red roan, and some other mixes. Also have heifer and bull calves on ground now and more expected this spring. Have a good one! Bill

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