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With the little guys we don;t do tetanous. Tetanous isn't a real problem in this area so the vets don't recommend it unless the client is real adamant about it. 5 weights and up we do give tetanous, paronia I guess.
It's like the little dog that keeps the elephants away. Must be doing a good job cause we've never seen an elephant on the place.


D.R. Cattle":jhvyhngh said:
When banding calves, is it popular to just use a good blackleg vaccine in lieu of an additional tetanus shot?
Apples and oranges!
We vaccinate for blackleg when we work them in the spring, also happens to be when we band

my experience with banding and tetanus, if the calves are older like the callibrate bander use tetanus in advance and at the time. i band when small and have not had problem. i bought 3 big guys last year and helped band with the callbrate and was considering usinf it. two calves died of tetnus within a month. the vet said the bigger they are the greater chance because tetanus can be around and you don't know it. it is better safe than finding out it is there the hard way.
D.R. Cattle said:
Sorry, I should have been more clear. 8 way clostridial (including tetanus vaccine)

The 8 way clostridial (with tetanus) is an excellent tetanus vaccine.

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