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Check your computer first. Some versions of Microsoft Office have Microsoft Photo Editor included. Also some digital cameras have photo editing software included.

If you don't have photo editing software, if your image file ends in .gif you can crop and resize it here: http://www.gifworks.com/

If it is a photo and the file name ends with .jpg go here:
and in the thumbnail part at the bottom select Max W&H pixels: 80 It will create you a small thumbnail photo you can save to your computer.

If you have a problem, let me know.

Just seeing if I'M back up and working- Weather has gotten nice enough that I'm not on the computer all day- temp got to 25 today- seems like a heat wave-Did get stuck once today feeding because I tried to go into a new area and the drift was too deep- luckily my son pulled me out. They are predicting below zero weather for the weekend on again which means I'll be burning up tons of hay again.

I love reading about all the Texans and the southerners problems, because they have many that I don't have--But I'd gladly give them this winter-- After a winter of 4 feet of snow- I'm waiting for a chinook. Spring is getting closer. Hopefully:?: :?:
speaking of texan problems........another cold front blew in yesterday. windy & cold last night, in the 30s. we hadn't built a fire yet this winter so used the excuse of a new norther to build one in the fireplace last night. sunny & in the 50s today. :)
The best thing that's new down here is RAIN. This is supposed to be our wet season and we've had burn bans all over the place. We got 4.8" over the past few days. The branches and seeps are running again and most tanks should be running over by the end of the week. It's a beautiful sight.


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