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ok come on now AZ... how am I spose to know? back to the net I guess, they all sound familiar but don't really remember
ok well after thinking I can give you Domino as hereford and Exacto as ¿Red Angus?, I'll go look for the others
Arnold Ziffle":3qr4fj9o said:
O.K. , for the youngsters --- identify the breed for the following named bulls. Starting off with a super easy one ---




Neptune and Ortolan

Dunure Rob Roy


Know 2 without cheating Domino was a hereford from the line of Advance

Rob Roy is a Romanogala(sP) I made a 32 on this test
I know of a Longhorn bull that was solid white, named Classic. Probably not the same one you were talking about AZ.
I imagine all the Hereford folks know about Domino

Manso --- American grey Brahman Supposedly a super high percentage of all American grey Brahman trace their genetics back to this Hudgins bull

Exacto --- big time Brinks Brangus (black) bull. As I recall, in the wild days a 1/3 interest in him once sold for $350,000

Neptune and Ortolan --- first Charolais bulls imported to the U.S. -- as I recall it was into deep south Texas, via Mexico, by the Thomas ranch. The Thomas ranch is still a major Charolais breeder in S. Texas

Rob Roy --- first Romagnola bull imported to the U.S.

Classic -- a white, small in body, Longhorn bull with fantastic horns. I think he was the first bull (as opposed to steer) to go over 60 inches in horn, and topped out at about 61 or 62 inches.

Was going to put in a well known older Angus like Scotch Cap, but didn't want to make it too easy for Jake. :D
classic could also be 'classic cotton' full brother to 'king cotton' -two al time great beefmaster bulls.~~~~~~~~~Tc

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