Tender Beef To Test 100%

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".....they will reopen their borders to co-op products if its proposed $4.2-million slaughterhouse.........is built to European Union standards, said Tender Beef Co-op officials."

Annie, it seems to me like the extortion attempt regarding EU standards would be a problem more troubling than the testing! Why would Japan and their cohorts demand that? Is that more "science-based" crapola?

Just more proof to me that its better not to give an inch on trade negotiations or you'll never be able to stop backing up!

Look forward to seeing this operation start up. While it will be a challenge, it will also allow the Canadian producer to access markets that others cannot - a bonus.


The consumer in this case will be a market that Canada has not really managed to crack before now.

If the consumer wants something bad enough, he will pay for it. He will also NOT go to the store that he knows will NOT have it.

So, if the Canucks in north Alberta and north British Columbia have managed to crack a small door open by accessing the market that is DEMANDING 100% testing - and NO ONE else is prepared to comply with that demand - who is going to get the sale?

I know international trade agreements are a bear - I know I am not happy with NAFTA - I know I am not happy with our continual granting of additional import permits of U.S. beef - above and beyond that which we are obligated to allow by way of our trade agreements. But we manage to live with these things.

Sometimes the producer has to provide what the consumer wants. In the end we are not able to use our entire production - you folks can - that is why we are doing things that require additional effort.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. I wish these guys all the best - our government has abandoned us - they (the ranchers) are showing remarkable initiative IMHO. Good on them!


Well said, Bez.

I wasn't just sure how to respond to my friend the Texan on this one more than to say that it is more 'science based crapola', but it seems that politics and red tape are kind of the way of the world these days and it frequently seems that we are doing things that are not necessary to satisfy a bunch of left wing pencil pushers both here and abroad.
Well, the Tender Beef Co-op's got itself a base of operations. The news tonight was all abuzz that the city of Dawson Creek, B.C. has agreed to sell them the required amount of land to build their facilities.

I doubt the road will be smooth for them, but at least they've started that journey of a thousand miles with that all important first small step.

http://www.dailyheraldtribune.com/Z01_0 ... 0830.lasso

Take care.
Bad news.

This morning on a Canadian agriculture message board, one of the members said that the story about CFIA testing approval is untrue.

Apparently he called them up for more information on the story, and they claim that it is false information and that the reporter must have gotten his facts mixed up.

It will be interesting to see if the newspaper makes a retraction or stands beside their original story because most publishers require their reporters to thouroughly research their stories before they go to print. Perhaps all the hubbabaloo after the release of the story has caused CFIA to change their mind regarding their decision?

Guess we'll just have to stay tuned as the plot thickens...

Take care.

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