Temptation got the best of me

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Jogeephus":28bb5ud5 said:
and I planted a third of the garden today. :oops:

Since you live in South Georgia, you should be fine. Most years March and April were not all that bad in Atlanta, just needed a few blankets and sticks once in a while.
Its not too much of a gamble but normally it will grow off just as fast if I could have held out till Easter. Seems I fall into this temptation each year. Biggest risk is how cool it will be once this front comes through. This is the wild card but I definitely have the moisture which is something I might not have at Easter.
LoveMoo11":20wrbpwj said:
Lucky. I fed the cows on a 0 degree morning and looked at snowbanks.

I guarantee you that I'll be calling you lucky in less than 3 months when the sauna is turned on.

I was thinking on this the other day how the temperature is so different across the country and wondered why in heaven's name anyone would have settled in our area when land was free for the taking. I've never been to Maine but I have seen pictures and its beautiful. I also can see what drew people to the west with the picturesque landscapes and the open plains. I just really can't see what drew people here. Of course, the Province of Georgia was Britain's first penal colony in north america so I doubt the first settlers had much say in the matter. This might also explain why we are the way we are. Rather roguish. ;-) :lol2: