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Jul 29, 2008
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He's the first calf out of our new herd bull. Shorthorn,born 01/21/09...He's on feed and just started on the halter today..Trying to find a buyer now. What do you think...


He appears to be very clean fronted. I really can't tell much about them at this stage, but he looks good to me! He has A LOT OF HAIR!
You might want to get the horns removed, the judges don't like that up here, and neither do many buyers. But I don't know how that is in your area.
Hairy and horn(y), not the best hair.
Has good strong legs (I think, not the best angle to assess structure)
THANKS. His legs are pretty stocky. I listed on Craigslist at $750 at weaning. Ya'll think that's too much?
Couldn't quite tell if he was cut. Are you going to sell him as a steer or bull. I think he is a steer candidate. Yes he is hairy and big boned, but his structure is not great. Weak topline and funky hip structure. I think about market price is probably close to the price I would expect.
I'd market him as a steer. If he is gentle, he would be a good project for a beginner.
Good luck with your sale.
Texan.. if you'll PM me, I'll give you a contact number for some folks in central Texas that are looking for a steer.
looks like a stout little fella. very nice calf. i would love to clip him out. i like all that hair!

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