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Sep 25, 2007
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Just baled six acres of this stuff. Thats all we planted to give it a shot and see what happened with it. Got a little over 21500lbs from the six acres. Anybody know how that compares to T85 or Coastal?
Depending on the stage of maturity of the bermuda grass I would say that yield was comparable. Now if you left the bermuda there for 8 weeks and cut it, it could possibly double.
According to my calculations that's 1.79 tons per acre. How many cuttings can you get off of Teff? If you got three, you're looking at 5.3 tons, but only 3.5 at two cuttings, that is if the tonnage stayed roughly the same for cuttings.
I've been growing Teff for a few years now. I simply have not found anything better for getting green weaned calves started! If you get within 100yds of a field you can smell the sweetness, literally. The last 2 yrs here were a drought and it was the only summer crop I had that actually produced something. This year we got it out late and I hope to get 2 cuttings, If it gets cut tomorrow. When it starts getting down to 40 degree nights it pretty well stops. As far as how it compares with Bermuda I haven't a clue, my cows won't touch Bermuda.

Teff makes excellent haylage too, it packs in the bale very tightly and there is less air to destroy the hay.

I would say in a normal year that it should make close to 6 tons/ acre.


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