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Jan 16, 2012
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I'm starting to see several people carrying them at conferences and trainings. They appear to be much easier to carry, and transport than my old big laptop. As a general rule, I pack my laptop too and from work, along with an assortment of USB drives. I've recently started using google docs to some extent. I'm not completely sold on google docs, but I feel like in time I will. Think the chrome book will fill my needs, and which one should I get?
TennesseeTuxedo":2naqxzik said:
Aren't you retiring soon? Tough it out with the laptop.

3 years. I would rather leave viewed as an innovator, that stayed cutting edge to the bitter end......Not as a dinosaur :D
It is a personal choice, and cost plays a role..

Buy one, use it for a few days and take it back within the grace period if you don't like it.

Tablets (iPad) are the most portable option and generally have higher-resolution displays than Chromebooks. Keyboards tend to be absent so tablets aren't the best for extensive typing. Best for checking social media feeds, watching videos and reading articles. My wife loves her iPad Mini.

Go cheap and rely on the G Suite, ( and your primary web browser is Google Chrome. Chromebooks generally cost less than laptops and tablets, with pricing ranging from around $150 to $550. They tend to feel cheap.

If you want the functionality of a desktop OS (Windows & Windows OS). They also, naturally, cost the most.

I have a slim HP laptop from Walmart cost about $400 along with some stronger PCs, but use this mostly because it is very slim and light.

Took me a while, but I finally got one. Got an HP. Shade over $200, and that was including buying a 2 year warranty. I have gotten to where, that google docs is about all I use. I think this little chrome book is going to fit the bill for what I wanted to do.
All I know about tablets is when you fly commercial, they are about all you see as soon as the passengers get seated. Very very few laptops.
(I can remember tho, when you flew, you actually had real conversations with the people sitting in the same row as you. Not anymore. Lawd forbid you interrupt the guy beside you from watching whatever is on that little screen.. )
Literally bought one sunday, on my own dime. Show up for work this morning, and work presents me with a personal one. Tempted to take the one I bought back, the work one, is smaller, and a way better brand. Kids are jumping up and down claiming they can make good use of it though.

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