swollen jaws and drooling

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I have two cows that seem to have swollen jaws on one side if not most of the head and noticed that they aren't eating as well and drooling. They graze the levee and wasn't sure if it cuold be a snake bite or something else. They seem to be the only two affected.

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Sound like lumpy jaw, look at them close and see if there are puncture wounds, that would indicate a snake bite, if no wounds, palpate tissue and see if it is soft and moves around, this would be an abscese, which will need to be opened and drained, if it is hard, like bone mass, that is lumpy jaw, no cure, remove from herd, if you want to, or keep, but may affect animals ability to forrage properly.

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Had two friends who had this problem, one had a cow affected, the other a steer. It was Woody Tongue.. might want to look it up on the internet or vet manual..

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